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Culvert Installation and Repair

Apr 13, 2017

What is a Culvert?

Culverts allow water to safely pass under your gravel driveway or road without damaging the roadway. By placing corrugated metal or plastic tubing along the under ground section of the waterway you can safely drive across the roadway without obstructing the waterway or damaging the road. The corrugated material provides a stronger strength to weight ratio then a smooth pipe, and slows the speed of flowing water as well as helps to clear debris.

Installing a Culvert

Not all culverts are created equally, you require the correct size and positioning for your culvert to be effective. There are many different factors to consider when installing a culvert, such as water levels (stream depth, low and peak flow, etc.), the distance that the stream must travel underground, the weight requirements for the road and much more.

Once the dimensions and calculations have been completed the next step is acquiring the tools and materials required. You will require a backhoe or excavator, a soil compactor culverts and some help.

Our team of professionals understand the complexities involved in installing or repairing an existing or damaged culvert and have the equipment, tools and experience to get the job done right and on time.

We are extremely thorough taking attention to every slope, and making sure that everything is cleaned and removed after your project is complete, leaving nothing behind but a beautiful road and smiling clients.

Call or Email us today to discuss your next project or repair. Gravel Driveway Services is your local source for catch basins, culverts, trenching, recycled asphalt, gravel driveways and specialty aggregates. Serving York Region, GTA, Newmarket and Southern Ontario for 17+ Years.

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