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Gravel Driveway Restoration | Gravel Driveway Services

Jun 16, 2016

Gravel Driveway Services, the leading Ontario driveway gravel restoration and repair company, is one of the only services you can truly rely on when expecting high quality work done on your driveway in a fragment of the time that other driveway companies might do it.

Services Geared Toward Quality

Do you want to set up a quality driveway at an affordable cost with no hassle, delays or complications? Gravel Driveway Services is one of the only companies in Ontario that offers not only reliable services using the most advanced tools and equipment in the trade, but also procedures that responsibly handle every problem without any shortcuts where it matters.

  • You will benefit from quality repairs for your gravel driveways, with technicians using the latest techniques in repairing holes, instead of just filling them in.
  • The experts at Gravel Driveway Services use a comprehensive 5-step process to complete the layout and basework of your driveway, before applying the gravel, then sloping and crowning your new, compact driveway to ensure that it complies with modern standards.
  • Complete driveway building and reconditioning services will bring your driveway to life using high quality gravel made to last.
  • Driveways are always levelled or crowned to be up to par with the ground level.
  • Special, seasonal services such as post and pre-frost levelling are also available.

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