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The Basics of Culvert Installation for Driveways and Streams

Sep 26, 2017

A culvert installation is one of your best choices whether you want to drain rainwater more easily away from your property or you’re interested in creating practical stream crossings.

Fortunately, the process of installing a culvert in a stream or a driveway is not that complex. It will, however, require a few well-defined steps that you need to keep track of:

  1. Depending on your location and the specific details of your project, you may or may not need a permit. Find out whether you require a permit, and ask local building code enforcement inspectors about any restrictions related to the size and type of pipe you can use.
  2. Before determining exactly how to install a driveway culvert pipe, you have to buy the appropriate type of pipe you need to use, and draw an outline.
  3. In most cases, the best approach is to mark the area on your driveway where your pipe will go, remove the asphalt and concrete from that area, and dig a trench where your pipe will be placed later on.
  4. Figuring out how to install a culvert in a driveway is not that difficult, but when you’re setting up your culvert in a running stream, you also have to dig beneath the flowline of the creek to place about 6 to 12 inches of sand/gravel as a base.


Actually installing your pipes will be the easy part, although you do have to make sure the slope is at least about ¼ inches per foot, in order for the water to flow properly, and for your culvert installation to be a success.

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