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Local and Reliable Gravel Driveway Repairs

Jun 01, 2015

Early summer rains can often wreak havoc on both traditional gravel and recycled asphalt driveways. We often see new potholes forming as well as a variety of drainage and grading problem expose themselves this time of year. Luckily we have seen it before and have seen it all. Gravel Driveway Services have specialized techniques and tools to fix, repair and recondition even the most gnarly driveway.

Experienced and Professional York Region Gravel Contractor

Driveway construction and repair is our specialty, our compact grader is one of only 3 of this type of grader in Canada and we meticulously maintain all of our equipment. Our processes, diligence and maintenance allow us to run a safe and effective crew when working on your driveway. We leave no trace expect for a beautifully finished and long lasting driveway in your choice of recycled or traditional gravel aggregate.

In Aurora, Newmarket and throughout York Region, please do not hesitate to contact Chris today for your personalized estimate at: (905) 727-8971

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